History of Bingo

Whether it is played online or in community churches and other gathering places, bingo is a game that is as popular among the young and old. It requires very little skill but provides ample opportunity to win large jackpots.

The Origins

Bingo is a game that dates back to Italy in the 1500s, where it was played as a form of lottery known as 'Lo Guioco del Lotto D Italia.' Though the people of the country enjoyed the game thoroughly, the Catholic Church disapproved and caused quite a controversy. In fact, this lottery is thought to be the basis of the local and national lotteries found across the US and other countries today. In short, players are simply required to match the numbers on their tickets with the numbers drawn from a pool by lottery officials.

Spreading to France

In the late 1700s, bingo had made its way to France and faced equal opposition from the Church. Despite this disapproval, the popularity of the game continued to grow, and by the 1800s the game was well-known across Europe in the form of lotteries. During this time period, casinos began to adopt different variations of the game and the lottery as it is known today was developed. As would be expected, bingo enjoyed global fame around the turn of the next century.

Bingo in the Americas

The first commercial bingo game in the United States is said to have taken place sometime around 1920, though the game was then referred to as Beano as players often used lima beans to cover the numbers on their cards. As the game spread across the country, more and more technologies and instruments specific to the game were developed. These days, bingo can also be found online in varying forms.

Though the history of bingo is fraught with controversy, the game managed to survive and is now even favored by Churches and played as a way to raise funds. Whether online or off, bingo will continue to capture the hearts of players for years to come.

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